1.1 - This website is developed and managed by GO Fishing Portugal, Lda, tax number PT513893881, head office at Rua Marcos de Assunção - 7E, Almada Business Center, 2805-290 Pragal – Almada, Portugal, forward designated as GO Fishing;

1.2 - GO Fishing sells fishing articles on the website store.gofishing.pt;

1.3 – Users of this online store will forward be designated as Consumers;

1.4 – The Consumer identifies himself with his provided data when purchasing items, through the registration form, and declares that he is over 18 years old or, in the case of being younger, declares that he is authorized for this purpose by a person of legal age;

1.5 – Consumers identified as companies, based outside Portugal, must contact GO Fishing in advance, for VAT exemption on orders.



2.1 - These conditions, and general terms, exclusively regulate the sales carried out at store.gofishing.pt, between GO Fishing and the Consumer, and imply their knowledge and acceptance. The Consumer, when placing an order in this online store, declares to know and accept these terms and conditions;

2.2 - GO Fishing reserves the right not to process orders that do not comply with these general conditions of sale;

2.3 - GO Fishing reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice;

2.4 - The data provided by the Consumer in the ordering process must be correct and complete, and he accepts that GO Fishing can contact him in this context, with the data provided.



3.1 - GO FISHING is a registered trademark, property of the company GO Fishing Portugal, Lda;

3.2 - All contents presented in this online store are protected by intellectual property rights, so they cannot be copied and reproduced without prior consent of GO Fishing.


4 - USE

4.1 - The Consumer assumes that the use of the products purchased in this online store is his sole responsibility, and that he knows the purpose for which they are intended, with GO Fishing being excluded from any liability for the improper or inappropriate use of them.



5.1 – Through this online store, GO Fishing sells fishing items to all countries where delivery is possible;

5.2 – The delivery locations for which the online store does not automatically calculate the transport cost, assume the prior contact of GO Fishing by the Consumer, through the e-mail info@gofishing.pt or the contact form available HERE, in order to to quote these costs on a case-by-case basis. If the Consumer accepts the quote for delivery costs presented by GO Fishing, the sale will take place.



6.1 – The prices of the items presented in the online store include the VAT rate applicable in mainland Portugal

6.2 – Upon completion of the purchase, after selecting the payment method and indicating the customer's address, the total amount of the order will be calculated, which includes all applicable fees, taxes and transport costs from mainland Portugal. Depending on the delivery adress/country the Consumer may incur in additional costs, namely customs, which must be verified by the Consumer locally.



7.1 - The following payment methods are available in this online store:

- Multibanco reference (Portugal)

- Credit card

- PayPal

- Bank transfer

 7.2 – Payments made by bank transfer must be made with the following data:

GO Fishing Portugal, Ltd

IBAN: PT50 0018 000341774720020 38



After payment, the Consumer must send the respective receipt to the e-mail info@gofishing.pt, indicating the order number.

Commissions for bank transfers are the responsibility of the Consumer.



8.1 – Orders placed by Consumers in this online store are delivered by transport companies contracted for this purpose by GO Fishing;

8.2 - Delivery times for orders are indicative and depend on the Consumer's address, being mentioned at the time of purchase;

8.3 – GO Fishing is not responsible for any delays in the delivery of orders, carried out by transport companies;

8.4 – GO Fishing is excluded from the responsibility of reimbursing the Consumer for any damage caused by transport companies when delivering the items, unless the Consumer has contracted transport insurance when placing the order.



9.1 – GO Fishing is not responsible for any damage caused by transport companies during the delivery process;

9.2 – To obviate any damage caused to the items during the delivery process by the transport companies, the Consumer has the possibility of contracting a transport insurance that allows him to be reimbursed for the total amount paid, referring to the purchased items, in the following terms ;

9.3 - Only orders placed with transport insurance allow the refund of the amount paid by the Consumer in case of damage;

9.4 – Upon receipt of the order, if the transport package is visibly damaged, the Consumer must photograph the package and open the order in front of the courier. If the items are damaged, the Consumer must claim immediately during the delivery process, putting the note “Damaged transport packaging and item” and comply with the following procedure to activate the insurance, when carried out;

9.5 – To activate the transport insurance, the Consumer must contact GO Fishing via the email info@gofishing.pt, identifying the order number, describing the anomaly and attaching detailed photographs of the damaged items and transport packaging. If it deems the claim justified, GO Fishing will contact the carrier for insurance and refund the amount paid to the Consumer.



10.1 – GO Fishing does not exchange traded items;

10.2 – The returns process is regulated by the legislation in force;

10.3 – When requesting a return, the Consumer must contact GO Fishing in advance, via the e-mail info@gofishing.pt, indicating: the order number, the Invoice number and the reason for the return. If GO Fishing accepts the reasons for the return, the Consumer will be notified by email to return the purchased items, which must arrive at GO Fishing's premises in perfect condition for the refund to take place;

10.4 – Charges related to the purchase and return (postage, financial and others) process are the responsibility of the Consumer;

10.5 – GO Fishing is excluded from the responsibility of reimbursing the Consumer for any damage caused by transport companies when delivering the items, except if the Consumer has contracted transport insurance when placing the order;

10.6 – Reimbursement of payments made, for reasons exclusively attributable to the customer (order cancellation after payment has been made, among others), will be deducted from the respective fees/commissions charged by the intermediary entities of means of payment, when applicable.



11.1 - For the resolution of any disputes that occur between Consumers and GO Fishing, the District of Setúbal is designated, with waiver of any other, except in the following terms;

11.2 – Alternatively, the Consumer has the possibility of resorting to the Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center to mediate any possible dispute with GO Fishing;

11.3 – The Consumer has at his disposal the possibility of making a complaint about the service provided by GO Fishing through the Electronic Complaints Book, available here: https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/Inicio/



12.1 – The Consumer has the possibility to praise the service provided by GO Fishing through the Compliments Book, available here: https://elogiar.livrodeelogios.com/elogiar/go-fishing-portugal. The GO Fishing team thanks you ?